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Professional Registration
Limited Liability Co.
Sept 2003 - Present
Washington UBI
License #602 326 393
Sole Proprietor 
1995 - 2003
Washington UBI 
License #601 696 894

Undergraduate Studies in the Fine Arts Program
University of Washington 

Undergraduate Studies in Metal Arts Program
University of Alaska
1968 – 1969

Professional Experience

Sole Proprietor
1995 - Present

Grandview Condominiums
Construction manager for the Home Owners Association on their defect repair.

The Stable Partners

Owner's representative on the Stable Building in Seattle, Washington.

Rhodes Quarryhouse
Construction manager for the masonry subcontractor on an
executive home in Woodside, California.

Foss Redevelopment
Contract project manager for Foss Redevelopment on the Saltchuk offices in Seattle.

Foss Redevelopment
Contract project manager for Foss Redevelopment on the Boeing Building offices for Foss Environmental in Seattle.

Glass Development
Construction manager for Glass Development, a California corporation for the site development and installation phase of a large residential landscape in Hunts Point, Washington.


KrekowJennings , Inc.
1984 - 1995

Medina Residence
Project manager for phases one and two of the development of five waterfront lots for a
21,000-square-foot home in Medina, Washington.

The Ponti Seafood Grill and Restaurant
Project manager for construction of a new building for the Ponti Seafood Grill in Seattle.

Il Giornale Coffee Co.
Project manager/superintendent for two projects for the Il Giornale Coffee Company: (1) the construction of a downtown high-rise infill structure and (2) tenant improvements to the flagship store at the Seafirst Columbia Tower, both in Seattle.

Wagner Residence
Project manager on a new 3,500-square-foot home built on an environmentally sensitive site in Seattle. The project was designed by Edward Weinstein and Associates and included an auger-cast piling system to support the foundation.


Sole Proprietor
1980 - 1984

Wendell Lovett Residence 
Construction supervisor for the owner-architect. The project involved working directly with the client, building and finishing his
new 3,500-square-foot home in Seattle. The architect's reputation and expectations for exacting standards were met, and the relationship has led to many years of collaborative work.

Levias Residence 
General contractor on a new 3,000-square-foot home. The project involved contracting the completion of a new home, designed by The Wendell Lovett Architects, in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.


Dave Christiansen, Inc.
1977 - 1980

Ramada Inn 
Project foreman on the construction of a five story tilt-up concrete structure in Bellevue, Washington, that was later leased to the Ramada Inn. Responsibilities included layout of the site work, foundations, forming systems, framing systems, and the mechanical/electrical infrastructure.

Japan House 
Project foreman on the construction of a 5,000-square-foot, single-story building that housed a Japanese restaurant in Bellevue, Washington. Responsibilities included layout of the building from start to finish and working directly with a Japanese master carpenter whom the restaurant owner had brought from Japan to install the tatami rooms. 

Lee Nichols Construction
1974 - 1977

University Condominiums 
Builder's apprentice on two custom, steep-site, five-story, multifamily buildings. The street-level access and garage entrance were on the third floor of the buildings. A different structural foundation solution was used on each building.
Awarded or Published Projects Awarded:

Levias Residence, Seattle
The Wendell Lovett Architects
A.I.A. Award, 1983

Flying Shuttle, Seattle
Edward Weinstein Associates
A.I.A. Award, 1987

San Marco Shoes, Seattle 
Kelly Lehn Retail Design Winner Interiors January, 1989


Ponti Seafood Grill, Seattle
Barnett Schorr Architects
Washington Food Service News January, 1991

Villa Simonyi, Medina
The Wendell Lovett Architects A+U November, 1992


Grandview Plaza
Cheryl Beardslee, Past Board President
Seattle, WA.

The Stable Partners
Robert Shurtleff, Managing Partner 
Seattle, WA.

Foss Redevelopment
Larry Farren, President 
Seattle, WA.

The Wendell Lovett Architects 
Wendell Lovett, Principal 
Seattle, WA.

The Berger Partnership 
Tom Berger, Principal 
Seattle, WA.

Ronald G. Housh 
P.S. Ron Housh, Attorney 
Seattle, WA.

Swartz & Kulpa Engineering 
Allan Swartz, Principal 
Tustin, CA.

Glass Development 
Rob Glass, Owner 
Beverly Hills, CA.

Paragon Electric 
Christopher Thompson, Principal 
Seattle, WA.


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